Phoebe and Misty

Phoebe eating
Over the winter we’ve had a number of new Bunny Burrows residents.  Two who are living at one of our foster homes are Phoebe and Misty.

Phoebe and Misty came to Bunny Burrows late in 2016, but because Misty is a giant it was decided it was best for them to go to stay at the foster home where they would have a little more room.  During a visit to the vets to be spayed it was discovered that little Phoebe (who is actually older than Misty) had an infection and required antibiotics.  She also had problems with her mouth as her front teeth didn’t meet properly and were starting to grow out of shape.  Once the vet was happy the infection had cleared up she was admitted for her front teeth removing.

Despite the size difference they love cuddling up together and look after one another, although Misty gets a little frustrated she can’t get into all the tiny gaps that Phoebe can!

But while Phoebe is a little shy and doesn’t like to explore too much, Misty is like a bull in a china shop!  She likes check on the other residents during feeding time, and muck in during cleaning out.  Here’s a short clip of her checking on stock levels during a recent clean out session: