Meet the Residents

Meet some of the Bunny Burrows residents and hear their stories of how they came to be here and why they remain as our residents.

Ying and Yang

Ying and Yang were abandoned at a vets just a few days old after being attacked by their rabbit parents. Seeing the wounds on their tiny bodies was heart breaking.

If that wasn’t enough it soon became apparent that all was not right with Ying. Her back right leg had no feeling and although it caused her no pain it hindered her moving. At three months old and weighing just over a kilo, Ying had it removed. Since then there has been no stopping her!

They have lived at Bunny Burrows since March 2020.


Named Flash for the white blaze on her forehead when her time to be released back into the wild came she refused to go and hid under the volunteer’s skirt. In the twenty four year that I have run Bunny Burrows this was a first for me! I have never seen a rabbit so happy to come back!

Flash has lived at Bunny Burrows since May 2020.


Jinxy arrived at Bunny Burrows in 2017. 

His previous owners were unable to afford the ongoing vet care that he needed and were considering having him put to sleep. Jinxy has on going dental and eye problems and requires regular trips to our specialist vet.

Jo Huffingtons

Jo Huffington’s is our African Albino Pygmy Hedgehog. He arrived at Bunny Burrows in 2017.

Jo Huffingtons was an unwanted pet. He huffs and puffs at you hence his name.

He will only eat chicken breast (turkey is permitted at Christmas). He’s picky about what chicken breast we buy and won’t eat any brands he doesn’t like!


This beautiful piggy arrived during Christmas 2019 as a result of an RSPCA cruelty case.

Boudicca was pregnant although she was just a baby herself. By the time she gave birth she was wider than she was long!

Click here to see a video of Boudicca chirping like a bird over on our Facebook page.


JB is our resident grumpy old man! When he arrived in 2016 his teeth were so overgrown he couldn’t close his mouth.

Unfortunately his dental issues didn’t stop there. Following his latest round of extractions JB is down to his last tooth.

JB forgets that he has no teeth and tries to bite Gwen when she’s health checking him. He’s recently taken to peeing in protest instead!

This page is currently being updated so please come back to visit more of the Bunny Burrows residents. Thank you.