The many ways we raise funds


Our fundraising methods have changed over the last few months due to COVID 19.

No longer will you find us with our tombola drum and bags of mystery prizes; everything is now online.

Tombola at Pets at Home
Tombola at Pets at Home

In addition to selling on eBay we now sell on Facebook Market Place and hold regular auctions over on our Facebook page.

You can also help us fundraise while you shop online at no extra cost to yourselves. We are registered with Amazon Smiles and Easy Fundraising.

If you buy hay from the Nature's Own website using our link they give us a percentage of your total which we can use to buy treats for the bunnies and piggies.

We also have an Amazon wish list if you would like to buy a treat for the animals in our care.

Or if you would like to make a donation through PayPal our link is

Alternatively you can send a cheque made payable to Bunny Burrows to Bunny Burrows, 68 Whitefields Drive, Richmond, DL10 7DL.

We also take in donations to sell on. Everything has a place to go - clothing if not sellable is weighed in; books, CDs and DVDs are sold via websites like music magpie; new and unused toiletries are used to make gift hampers.