Bunny Burrows is a small animal charity which is run from the home of Gwen Butler in North Yorkshire, England.

We rescue unwanted rabbits and guinea pigs with the aim to re-home, after a thorough health check, those who are fit enough and foster out to experienced carers those who are not.

Bunny Burrow's aims is to educate people on the welfare and well being of these small animals.

Latest from Charlottes Diary

  • Hot Cross Bunny Day 2019

    Due to circumstances beyond our control, Hot Cross Bunny Day will not take place on April 14th. Sadly, after 18 years we have had to agree to postpone this year`s, but watch this space… We`ll be back!Read More »
  • A Christmas Letter From Gwen 2018

    Dear All, 2018 has certainly been a memorable year at Bunny Burrows. The bad weather at the start of the year made us all want to join the tortoises in hibernation! Spring arrived and the Hot X Bunny Day was soon upon us. What a great day we all had …Read More »
  • Naughty Hans, part 3

    Mam says this stool is too posh for me to sit on.  So here I am sitting on it and pushing my luck by having a wash and brush up.  Such fun being defiant! Naughty Hans Part 1 and Part 2Read More »
  • Pledge a Pound Christmas Presents

    A big thank you to the Pledge a Pound team for their Christmas present to the bunnies.Read More »
  • A Big Thank You

    A big thank you to all the Brownies at the 7th Darlington (Elm Ridge Methodist) Pack for their lovely cards and kind donation to Bunny Burrows.Read More »