Don’t Tell Isabella

Don't Tell Isabella book cover

Don’t Tell Isabella is a new book from Rita Wilkinson, and she has dedicated it to Bunny Burrows

Gwen Butler has run Bunny Burrows in Richmond, North Yorkshire for many years.

Caring for unwanted, missing and injured wild rabbits, her wonderful work has brought happiness to young and old alike.

Her family has rehomed several rabbits from us over the years and she felt it appropriate to make the dedication to us.

Her book is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle, and is also available to buy from

To order locally you can ring Rita on 01325 358566. Orders can then be collected and paid for at The Little Dress Shop at 13a Finkle Street Richmond. Price £5.00

Prices vary on different websites and of course postage charges are nearly always added. Kindle price is £1.99