Hot Cross Bunny Day – A Thank You

Rishi Sunak MP and Gwen

So Hot Cross Bunny Day has been and gone for another year and what a wonderful day we had!

We would like to say a few thank yous.  First of all, a big thank you to Rishi Sunak MP for opening the event.  Thank you to everyone at Richmond Town Hall for letting us use the venue.

A massive thank you to everyone who helped out on the day.  In no particular order: Hetty, Audrey H, Audrey S, Anne, Lisa, Rhianna, Nicky, Thelma, Betty, Lizzy, Wendy, Sophie, Grace, Erin, Alex, Jo, Steph, Andy, Sue, Jennifer, Barbara, Claire, Jonathan and Gwen.  Well done to all the animal for being so well behaved (we’re looking at you Rasputin!)

Thank you to everyone who baked the yummy cakes and buns we sold on the day, including Val and Becky Dodds, and Michelle Swales.

Also thank you to everyone who helps out with the day to day running of Bunny Burrows, whether it is cleaning out, shopping, doing the tip run or just having a cup of tea and keeping Gwen sane!

And finally a big thank you to everyone who came down to say hello.

Here’s a few photos from the event, from setting up the day before, the grand opening and the day itself.