A Christmas Letter from Gwen

Dear All,

Here we are again Christmas almost upon us with Hot Cross Bunny Day long gone but not forgotten …..

The annual event is always a fun day meeting friends old and new – hard work but very rewarding and profitable! Make a date in your diary for next year – 9th April 2017, Richmond Town Hall.

After the fun of Easter, it was decided to upgrade the rabbit accommodation. As I am sure you can appreciate this was no mean feat, so much so that part way through the work I just about lost the plot! The stress and upheaval took its toll although the priority remained constant – to keep the furries happy and comfortable no matter what. We ended up with cages all over the house, including across the settee. However, the work was completed and I have to admit despite the stress and upheaval, it has turned out to be all worthwhile. The work was extensive – internally, new hutches, runs, floor and cupboards and fully decorated – very swish! Externally a new roof was fitted. Whilst a challenging time for us, there is absolutely no doubt this was of immense benefit to us all – so much easier to clean and most importantly, much improved accommodation for the animals!

It has been a remarkable year for the rearing of wildlife. The upgrade of roadworks on the A1 saw on a number of occasions, many very small baby wild rabbits rescued by the workmen and brought to us to hand rear. This has been so rewarding as we have achieved much success, managing to keep them safe until ready to be released back to the wild. What a joyous feeling releasing them!

Of all the hand rearing challenges this year though, the most rewarding has to be the two leverets (baby hares). They also came from the A1 – an experience I will never forget. They are amazing creatures – absolutely stunning. We were so very fortunate in that they survived and we were able to set them free, although I had to ask a friend to release them as I had become truly attached. But they belong in the wild where they can roam and run free to their hearts content.

Audrey and myself were lucky enough to be invited back to the CEVA animal welfare awards in Birmingham again this year. No nomination for us but an honour to be invited to such a special event with so many like-minded people – marvellous!

I cannot believe how time seems to have flown by this year. Milligan the Albino hedgehog has been a resident here for a year now – what a little character he is!

The month of May brought a very special rabbit into our lives. He had been in the care of a vets for weeks with life threatening head injuries. It seems before then, he had been a stray rabbit for a year and was in a dreadful condition. We took him and named him ‘Hans.’ This name was especially chosen after much thought – we wanted to get it just right. His full name is, ‘Hans Christian Anderson,’ having written the story of the ugly duckling who becomes a beautiful swan. What a little Star this rabbit is – he lives the life of a king, has completely free run of the house, sits on my chair and washes my feet! He is just so very friendly despite everything he has been through. His head injury (after £1000 of vet’s fees), is now healing well. He has shown such true bravery throughout – we just had to enter him for the PDSA pet survival award. The good news is he is through to the final six so we have everything crossed he will end up as winner! We will of course keep you updated. Just check our web site to hear how he gets on along with updates for all the other goings on here at Bunny Burrows!

Other news to share with you – I was due to have a knee replacement on 7th December which I has been postponed until the New Year. I am not looking forward to it– I will be away from my furries in hospital for 2-3 days. But the need to be pain free is keeping me focused, knowing that it is for the best.

On a final news note, we have at last moved into the modern world of high tech communications – Bunny Burrows is now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – wow!!!!! E-Bay has been such a success, it has transformed our fund raising .

So as we move swiftly toward 2017, we would all like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support. Without you we would not be able to continue as we do currently – rescuing, rehoming and providing long term home/care for those ‘challenging’ furry creatures who repay everything we do for them with so much unconditional love – a huge thank you to you all!

Have a very Merry Christmas and sincere Best Wishes for 2017 from all at Bunny Burrows!

Gwen Butler