Have You Heard About Gift Aid?

In simple terms gift aid is a scheme run by the government which allows charities like us to claim an extra 25p per £1 from eligible donations.

Are my donations eligible for Gift Aid?

For your donations to be eligible for gift aid you need to be a UK tax payer and you must have paid the same amount or more in income tax or capital gains tax in that tax year. You will also need to complete a gift aid declaration form.

Does Gift Aid affect my tax?

Gift aid doesn’t affect the amount of tax you pay. We fill in a form and the government deduct the amount from the tax you’ve already paid in that tax year.

How does Gift Aid help Bunny Burrows?

We are a small charity which relies on donations to keep running; being able to get an extra 25% on top of those donations soon adds up. It helps take the pressure off the need to sell items and other fundraising activities and allows us to focus more on the animals in our care.

Where can I get Gift Aid declaration form?

If you would like to Gift Aid your donations please email us at gwenbigbunny@hotmail.com requesting a gift aid form and providing your address so we can pop it in the post for you.

A Little About Donations

Bunny Burrows couldn’t survive with out the generous donations we receive from our supporters. If you’re having a post Christmas clear out or have any unwanted presents please think of us.

Along with our monthly auction we also sell items on Facebook market place and eBay.

We weigh in clothing (when the weigh in places are open – until then we store it in the attic!).

Unwanted CDs, DVDs and books are sold using websites such as music magpie and We Buy Books.

We make and sell gift hampers using unwanted and unopened toiletries.

Got something you don’t want? Chances are we can use it to help keep Bunny Burrows running.

For more information on how we fund Bunny Burrows and to keep updated on future planned events please visit our fundraising section. Thank you.