Remember – a bunny is for life…

Right now the world is in chaos. Schools are closed. Adults are working from home. Routines have flown out the window.

Given the unprecedented nature of the times that we are currently living in we would like to remind our followers that now is not the time to be buying a rabbit.

Yes you may think that you’ve got plenty of time to spare. That it would keep the children occupied while you’re working from home. But a rabbit is a life long commitment. What happens in the weeks and months down the line when schools and work places reopen?

The average life span of a rabbit is 8-12 years though some have been known to live beyond 15. We have lost three of our long term residents this year. All had underlying health issues. The youngest was nine and a half!

What happens if your income falls? Who will you prioritise? Your family or your pets? Rabbits are classed as exotic animals and have the vet bills to match. A seemingly healthy rabbit can suddenly become ill costing you hundreds if not thousands of pounds. What will have to your rabbit then?

Rabbits need two vaccines a year to protect them against common rabbit diseases myxo and VHD. Due to the nature of how these diseases spread rabbits need the vaccines regardless of whether they live inside or out. You can easily be looking at £100 a year for vaccines and that is just for one rabbit! Rabbits are social animals and need a partner of their own kind. They will need vaccinating too.

We are just weeks into this pandemic and already we have people ringing up asking us to take in their rabbits and giving us abuse when we say no.

So please think before you buy – is now the right time to add a rabbit, guinea pig or any other pet to our family?