Meet Aura

This is Aura, who came to Bunny Burrows after being found straying in Tunstall.  Her fur was really badly matted. Gwen had got a lot of the matts off her before she went to live with foster carer Steph, then she got one of the vet nurses (another Steph!) to clip her.

Attempt one was without sedation, but after making a start they decided to try again with sedation. Her back legs were pinned to her side, her front legs pinned to her sides and she had one huge solid matt like a scarf round her neck.

And the spiky thing was a blade of very pointy hay that was actually stuck in her skin. She’s now less angry and grumpy already, presumably because the hair isn’t pulling on her skin 24/7 any more!


The photo is before during and after!  Also, she’s called Aura as she’s moved in with a boy named Aqua, so it’s Aqua Aura as in the crystal!