An Easter Letter from Gwen 2018

Dear All,

Is it really almost Easter with all of this snow? It feels like it should be Christmas!!!

We are fast approaching our annual fundraising event, Hot Cross Bunny day, and as ever my home is now full of bags, boxes and numerous items generously donated for the various stalls to be set up for the day! Along with all of our furries, you can imagine there is hardly any room left for me or the volunteers who so freely give of their time to help for which we are sincerely grateful – thank you volunteers!!! This ‘minor’ challenge is certainly all in a good cause!!! Hot Cross Bunny Day is to be held on Sunday 25th March 2018, at Richmond Town hall. You can find more about the day on our website (please see the details below) – we look forward to seeing you all there!

Talking of furries, let’s bring you up to date on the furry happenings here at Bunny Burrows!

Fliss the Bunny Burrows pooch has settled in well with all of her new family. She has become a true and loyal friend and companion to me which is absolutely wonderful! I do have some minor worries though, it appears she has also taken a liking to the diet of her bunny family and has shown a particular taste for green stalks and carrots …!!!

2018 has seen us continue to home both our beloved bunny rabbits as well as a high number of guinea pigs. Both get on well together with many making firm friends of each other. Meal times are amazing to experience with the guinea pigs being so vocal and calling their bunny friends to eat as well as their fellow guinea pigs!!!

We had a minor scare with three of our tortoises recently when we noticed that even for tortoises being in hibernation, three of the older tortoises where completely still and motionless. Fearing the worst, we quickly heated them up under their special heat lamps to which they successfully responded. I am happy to report that they are all well and thriving (although they cannot return to hibernation now), and as I write this Easter message, I can hear much noise from the tortoise room, in fact, I need to check there are not baby elephants in there!!!

Fundraising has been going well this year so far, especially Ebay. I thoroughly enjoy the whole process, from receipt of the goods, to the research, to the photographic presentation and upload of item to Ebay and of course the eventual sale! Without all of the donations so kindly and generously donated to our Bunny Burrow charity, we would not be able to continue to provide the care and services that we do – from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!

Finally by way of update, if you haven’t already taken a look, we have revamped our website although all of the old favourites are still there including Charlottes Diary. Head over to

We welcome any of your stories, feedback and comments – thank you!

Wishing you all a Bunny-tastic Easter!!!!!

Gwen Butler and all at Bunny Burrows

Easter 2018