Enjoying the Summer

The furries and shellies have been out enjoying the sun.  Even Fliss comes out of the house from time to time, but only to make sure she’s not missing something!

Big Thanks from Bunny Burrows

A big thank you to everyone who attended yesterdays Hot Cross Bunny Day, and a huge thanks to everyone who helped out in any way.  Everyone had a great time (except Fliss, who wasn’t too sure about dressing up!)

Enjoying the Weather

The bunnies and tortoises have been making the most of the good weather.

Fritz and Gigi have been enjoying the garden so much that they now jump out of their pen and run to the back door first thing on a morning when Gwen goes to let Hetty out.  They are happy to stay out all day and scratch at the back door when they want to come back in.

The tortoises are on reduced rations as they are not eating as much due to the cooler weather.  Unfortunately one of them has become romantically involved with a concrete garden ornament.  Gwen may have to look for a double birth hibernation box for the happy couple!

Our Holiday by Fritz, Part 3

Fritz here, just to let you know we are back home at Bunny Burrows HQ after our little holiday.  While we were away our living quarters have had a full refit and its nice the be back.  Here’s a few pics from our first few days home.

Meanwhile, back at our holiday complex…