Sponsor MarigoldIn May 2013, Marigold came to stay here at Bunny Burrows – a friend brought her to stay as her owner was unwell and could not look after her any longer. Tortoises are not the easiest of creatures to take care of and several live with us at Bunny Burrows. As most of our tortoises are male, we keep them well away from Marigold and her friends Ethel and Titch. These three tortoises are not well enough to hibernate for 6 months so they live on a tortoise table which has UV lighting to keep them well.

Marigold is very special as she has a very badly misshapen shell which is more than likely to be as a result of a lack of sunlight. When she does go out in the summer, we have to make sure there is plenty of shade for her which she can find easily on her travels around the garden. This is because a great deal of her skin is exposed due to her shape which means she could get severe sunburn.

Marigold knows her name and when she hears voices, puts her head up to have her chin stroked.

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