Jimmy Choo

jimmy chew 9.11.15 s

Jimmy Choo is a charmer – he is a black and white Lion Head cross breed and he is quite a big boy. He is extremely handsome and lives with two girl bunnies, Foxy and Tulip, as well as a ‘gang’ of guinea pigs. Jimmy Choo is very protective of ‘his’ ladies and absolutely adores them.

Gwen has a real soft spot for Jimmy Choo as we had just lost a rabbit called ‘Jimmy’ and Jimmy Choo was named after him. So ‘Jimmy 2’ became ‘Jimmy Choo!!!’

We were so convinced Jimmy Choo was a fit rabbit but we recently discovered a number of lumps under his chin and he had to undergo surgery by vet Trudi to remove them. We are keeping a close eye on him but are hoping this is now resolved

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