Evie - Resident at Bunny Burrows


In the spring of 2014, a lady from Newcastle asked if we could take her 6 long haired guinea pigs as due to unforeseen circumstances, she could no longer care for them.

They were all stunning wee piggies and a bonded group. We placed them in with the Bunny Burrows existing colony of piggies and four of them are still here with us today and will remain here with us.

One of these piggies is Evie – she is super attractive with her long, flowing tresses which are not the easiest to take care of as you can imagine! She gets on well with all of the other piggies and rabbits and takes the lead in our ‘guinea pig choir’ – her voice is well tuned in when she hears the rustle of plastic bags at teatime!

She is now about 4 years old, born in 2011.

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