PDSA Pet Survivor Awards

We mentioned recently that BB resident Hans has been nominated for PDSA Pet Survivor Award, and now we need your help to vote for him! Hans has reached the final 6 in the awards and the winner is decided by the public.  Voting closes on 4 December so please vote now!


The awards have gain extensive coverage in the press, including The Northern EchoThe Yorkshire Post and the BBC Website.

Hans came to Bunny Burrows in a very poorly state and it was the excellent work of Trudi Pardoe and her team at Abbey House Vets in Kippax and the care of Gwen that got him through.

As a thank you for voting, here’s some pictures of him looking cute.


11 Wild Bunnies

You may remember 6 wild baby bunnies came to Bunny Burrows in early August after being discovered by builders.  When they first arrived they were tiny, and needed bottle feeding by Gwen.

Over time they grew, but unfortunately 6 became 5.  They were later joined by 6 other baby rabbits in a similar situation.  All got on together but the problem was they were becoming too tame.  They recognised Gwens voice and would come to the cage door begging for food and attention.

To try and rectify this they were packed up and sent to a foster home where they would have more space and less contact with people.  They moved into a large pen and set about working out creative ways to escape!  At times they act more like squirrels than rabbits!

Hibernation Time

Winter is round the corner.  Christmas is not far away.  How do we know?  Because Fred the big tortoise and 4 of his friends are ready to hibernate.  The remaining 6 tortoises will spend the winter under warm heat lamps.

Either option sounds good to me!

Hans in trouble again

Here’s a pic of Hans, getting himself into trouble.  Again.  In Gwens’ words:

This rabbit knows no boundaries.  He has worked out that I feed Mercury pear and keep it on the box under his cage.  Very handy for a tasty bite!

It always tastes nicer when its not yours!
It always tastes nicer when its not yours!