Elado the Baby Bunny

Bunny Burrows were recently contacted by a student in Leeds asking if we had room for a baby bunny rabbit they had rescued from a man wandering the streets trying to sell it.  They had named him Elado, which was written on the box he came in.  They later found it means “for sale” in Hungarian!

Unfortunately she needed to rehome him as she was going home for the summer and couldn’t take him with her. As he is a wild rabbit it meant other rescues and sanctuaries were not interested.

Elado is currently staying at our foster home in Leeds where he is doing well, eating like a horse and constantly looking for attention.


Yet Another Award Nomination

Gwen has been nominated for another award, this time it is for Volunteer of the Year in the North Yorkshire County Council Community Awards 2017.  The shortlist will be announced mid July and the winners announced on the 3 November.

Well done and good luck Gwen!

Nice Weather for Tortoises

The current heatwave really suits the tortoises – we can’t fill them up and they are bonking mad!

But there is always one who has to climb onto the food… and normally poops in it!!!

Prince Charming

A few weeks ago we received a call from a vets in Darlington asking if we could take in a young male rex rabbit who had been brought in as a stray.  The poor little bunny was severely underweight and had what the vet thought were scald injuries to one of his back legs.  The little bunny was collected and brought back to Bunny Burrows HQ where he was named Prince Charming.

We soon discovered the wound on his back leg wasn’t caused by scalding though, but by him over-grooming and chewing his own foot, and he started doing the same to the other back foot.  This was most likely caused by stress, probably from originally being not looked after properly, then abandoned, then the change of surrounding.

A visit to the vets in Leeds was quickly arranged, where he was prescribed a dose of medication.  This, along with proper care and diet seemed to help and the injuries soon healed and the fur started to grow back.

Today Prince Charming is a normal little bunny, with his rear feet almost completely healed.  He is a happy little chap who loves a cuddle.  Unfortunately due to the problems he has had he will be staying at Bunny Burrows for some time while we monitor him.

Rabbit Awareness Week 2017

Rabbit Awareness Week 2017 runs from the 17th to 25th June and this year it is focusing on promoting hay as a key part of your rabbits diet, as well as the importance of companionship, proper living conditions and how your bunny should live a healthy lifestyle.

A number of events will be running during awareness week, such as free vet health checks and education workshops.

Visit http://www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk/ for more information.

Don’t Tell Isabella

Don’t Tell Isabella is a new book from Rita Wilkinson, and she has dedicated it to Bunny Burrows

Gwen Butler has run Bunny Burrows in Richmond, North Yorkshire for many years.

Caring for unwanted, missing and injured wild rabbits, her wonderful work has brought happiness to young and old alike.

Her family has rehomed several rabbits from us over the years and she felt it appropriate to make the dedication to us.

Her book is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle, and is also available to buy from FeedaRead.com

To order locally you can ring Rita on 01325 358566. Orders can then be collected and paid for at The Little Dress Shop at 13a Finkle Street Richmond. Price £5.00

Prices vary on different websites and of course postage charges are nearly always added. Kindle price is £1.99

No news is good news…

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, things have slowly being getting back to normal after Hot Cross Bunny Day.  Hopefully we will have some new articles on the website shortly, once we have time to write them up!

P.S. Gretel (The little girl bunny with no front teeth who lives with Hans) has started trying to dig the carpet up.  She is such a little cutie!