Gwen and Fliss Fundraising Again

Gwen and Fliss have been out again, this time at fundraising for the Santa Paws appeal at Pets at Home in Catterick. As you can see Fliss is really enjoying her new role as lead fundraiser!

Christmas Pet Fair

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Christmas Pet Fair, part of the Christmas Tree Festival at Richmond Methodist Church on Saturday 9th December.  A good time was had by all, especially Fliss who was making her first official engagement!

Many thanks to everyone involved for inviting us!

A Christmas Letter From Gwen

Okay! December 2017, where has that year gone? Being a “Queen” fan and going to see them in concert, I will just have to say “Another One Bites The Dust”! I`m excited, does it show?

Enough of that! Back to Bunny Burrows and the past 12 months. Hot Cross Bunny Day, another happy, friendly, busy day in Richmond Town Hall, it really is a lovely venue. Plans are already in the pipeline for Palm Sunday next year, 2018. We`re hoping to see friends old and new. This year Rishi Sunak, our local MP, opened the celebrations and his family came along, we had such a fun day. To make things perfect we also made money to help keep us running.

It is more than 22 years since myself and late husband John started to care for the rabbits and guinea pigs needing homes, veterinary care, love and attention. Do “I Want To Break Free” (sorry Queen again, messing with my concentration)? No chance! The animals are my reason to get out of bed every day, there is never a problem, they are all challenges.

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Meet Fliss

There is a new pooch round Bunny Burrows HQ.  Meet Felicity (Fliss for short)

Gwen had been hoping she would be a companion for Hetty but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.  Fortunately she has settled in really well, gets on with all the rabbits and puts up with Gwen!


It is with a heavy heart we have to report the passing of Hetty the Bunny Burrows pooch and Gwen’s faithful companion.  She passed away peacefully on Saturday night after a short illness.

Anyone who had met her will know she was the life and soul of the party and will be sorely missed.

Baby Guinea Pigs

We had some new arrivals this week at Bunny Burrows, in the shape of baby guinea pigs!

A few weeks ago we took in a female guinea pig who was found as a stray  in Harrogate.  Straight away Gwen suspected she was pregnant and last Wednesday she gave birth to 4 bouncing babies.  All are doing well.

Gwen now has to do a headcount every time someone visits because they are so cute everyone wants to take them home.


Enjoying the Weather

The bunnies and tortoises have been making the most of the good weather.

Fritz and Gigi have been enjoying the garden so much that they now jump out of their pen and run to the back door first thing on a morning when Gwen goes to let Hetty out.  They are happy to stay out all day and scratch at the back door when they want to come back in.

The tortoises are on reduced rations as they are not eating as much due to the cooler weather.  Unfortunately one of them has become romantically involved with a concrete garden ornament.  Gwen may have to look for a double birth hibernation box for the happy couple!