Rabbit Awareness Week 2017

Rabbit Awareness Week 2017 runs from the 17th to 25th June and this year it is focusing on promoting hay as a key part of your rabbits diet, as well as the importance of companionship, proper living conditions and how your bunny should live a healthy lifestyle.

A number of events will be running during awareness week, such as free vet health checks and education workshops.

Visit http://www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk/ for more information.

Don’t Tell Isabella

Don’t Tell Isabella is a new book from Rita Wilkinson, and she has dedicated it to Bunny Burrows

Gwen Butler has run Bunny Burrows in Richmond, North Yorkshire for many years.

Caring for unwanted, missing and injured wild rabbits, her wonderful work has brought happiness to young and old alike.

Her family has rehomed several rabbits from us over the years and she felt it appropriate to make the dedication to us.

Her book is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle, and is also available to buy from FeedaRead.com

To order locally you can ring Rita on 01325 358566. Orders can then be collected and paid for at The Little Dress Shop at 13a Finkle Street Richmond. Price £5.00

Prices vary on different websites and of course postage charges are nearly always added. Kindle price is £1.99

No news is good news…

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, things have slowly being getting back to normal after Hot Cross Bunny Day.  Hopefully we will have some new articles on the website shortly, once we have time to write them up!

P.S. Gretel (The little girl bunny with no front teeth who lives with Hans) has started trying to dig the carpet up.  She is such a little cutie!

Hot Cross Bunny Day – A Thank You

So Hot Cross Bunny Day has been and gone for another year and what a wonderful day we had!

We would like to say a few thank yous.  First of all, a big thank you to Rishi Sunak MP for opening the event.  Thank you to everyone at Richmond Town Hall for letting us use the venue.

A massive thank you to everyone who helped out on the day.  In no particular order: Hetty, Audrey H, Audrey S, Anne, Lisa, Rhianna, Nicky, Thelma, Betty, Lizzy, Wendy, Sophie, Grace, Erin, Alex, Jo, Steph, Andy, Sue, Jennifer, Barbara, Claire, Jonathan and Gwen.  Well done to all the animal for being so well behaved (we’re looking at you Rasputin!)

Thank you to everyone who baked the yummy cakes and buns we sold on the day, including Val and Becky Dodds, and Michelle Swales.

Also thank you to everyone who helps out with the day to day running of Bunny Burrows, whether it is cleaning out, shopping, doing the tip run or just having a cup of tea and keeping Gwen sane!

And finally a big thank you to everyone who came down to say hello.

Here’s a few photos from the event, from setting up the day before, the grand opening and the day itself.

Last Minute Preparations for Hot Cross Bunny Day

Last minute preparations are underway for Hot Cross Bunny Day (did we mention it is this Sunday 9th April at Richmond Town Hall?).

All the residents have been chipping in and helping – Rasputin has been in charge of the shed, Hans has been helping Gwen in the kitchen and Fritz and Gigi sent the wild rabbits up to sort the loft out.

We had a visit from a friendly newt who offered to lend a hand, but as usual it was left to the tortoises to organise everyone!

Make Mine Chocolate Campaign 2017

As its coming up to Easter and the shops are full of bunny related things, at Bunny Burrows we’d like to remind you about the Make Mine Chocolate campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to convince pet shops to suspend the sale of rabbits over the Easter period to prevent impulse buying, and in turn reduce the number of bunnies which end up in rescue centres.  It also reminds people of the cost of keeping a bunny to try and dispel the myth that rabbits are a cheap pet. If you do decide to get a bunny then the website is full of useful information on how to keep them correctly.

The Make Mine Chocolate website provides a number of posters you can print off to display yourself to help spread the word.

For more information visit Make Mine Chocolate UK Website or Facebook page.