Sad News

It is with a heavy heart we have to report that BB hedgehog resident Milligan has had to be put to sleep.

He had a tumour in his mouth and it had started to spread round his jaw and under his tongue which was making eating painful for him.

He was a little treasure who livened up the room (especially when he was running on his wheel) and will be greatly missed.

Hans and Gretel

Hans Update: He has finally found himself a girlfriend.  Meet Gretel.

Gretel came to Bunny Burrows before Christmas with her sister.  Her front teeth we’re very long and she couldn’t eat properly but has since had an operation and has now settled into the life as the perfect house bunny!



Many thanks to Pets at Home for their kind donation of pet bedding and food.  As usual Hans was too busy to help unload it from the car, but was all too willing to pose for a photo.

Bunny Burrows would also like to thank Karen Pirie for the kind donation of indoor cages and carry case – I’m sure we’ll be putting them to good use soon!