Hans makes himself at home

Over the last few weeks Hans has made himself at home, settling into the life of a house bunny.  He climbs up on chairs to sit with Hettie and is constantly nudging feet looking for attention.  His head wound is healing nicely and fingers cross won’t be a problem any longer.

Our Holiday By Fritz, Part 1

Hello.  My name is Fritz (full time Bunny Burrows resident) and I’m currently on my holidays at a Bunny Burrows foster home while the garage at Bunny Burrows HQ has a refit.  Me, Gigi (my girl), Rasputin and his two girls, and little bunny McVitie made the short journey last Sunday.

Since then we’ve had fun playing out in the garden, meeting the locals (who aren’t too sure about me for some reason) and generally pigging out.

Hopefully  next week we’ll be visiting the seaside, going on a roller coaster and eating lots of ice cream!

Amos and Mischief

It is with great sadness we announce that Bunny Burrows resident and sponsor bunny Amos has recently pass away. He had been struggling with his breathing for some time and despite the best efforts of the vets he past away at home with his partner Mischief.

Mischief was lost for the first few days without him but has since taken another bunny under her wing (do rabbits take things under their wings?) She is now living with new Bunny Burrows resident Henley Hanson (or H for short).

Henley has a couple of long term health issues so will fit right in with all the other creaking gates here!


Update on the 6 Baby Wild Bunnies

The 6 wild bunnies are doing well; they have moved to an outdoor cage which will limit the amount of human contact to try and stop them becoming too domesticated.  Hopefully they will be re introduced into the wild in a few weeks.

Rabbit Awareness Week (18th – 26th June)


Today marks the start of Rabbit Awareness Week (or RAW for short).  This year’s RAW is campaigning for companionship for rabbits, encouraging rabbit owners who own single rabbits to visit rescue centres and find a suitable friend for their rabbit.

During the week many vets will be offering rabbit health checks (known as Rabbit MOTs) and retailers will be running bunny related events.

Visit http://www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk/ for more information.

Mixed Bag

First we’d like to welcome back guinea pig MacTavish, who is now in much better health and has jumped straight back into the group.

On a similar theme, Bunny Burrows house bunny Hans has been back to the vets for another checkup and cleanup, but is generally doing really well despite how he looks.

Big bunnies Fritz and Gigi have been out enjoying the weather, but by the look on Fritz’s face I don’t think he was enjoying sitting next to Gigi’s feet!

And finally Hetty has been doing what Hetty does best – sleeping!


Baby Bunny Update

You may remember we told you about 9 baby wild rabbits that came to Bunny Burrows a few weeks ago?  Well the good news is 6 of them have survived and are doing really well.  Here’s a few pics of them.  They are mega cute!