Bunny Burrows is an independent animal welfare charity set up in 1996 by Gwen Butler and her late husband John to help rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals. It is still run today from Gwen’s home in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Over the many years Gwen’s knowledge of rabbit and guinea pigs health, welfare and behaviour has increased, and she is more than happy to help and offer advice on health and welfare.

Bunny Burrow’s aims to:

  • Educate people on the welfare and well being of these wonderful small animals.
  • Rescue unwanted rabbits and guinea pigs with the aim to re-home.
  • Work with the vets to help move treatment forward, which in-turn helps lengthen the lives of these wonderful creatures.

We never re-home animals to be single and lonely, all animals need to have companionship of their own species, so we only re-home in pairs or to be a companion to another animal who may need a friend.

OUR ANIMALS ARE NEVER SOLD but we do ask for a donation to help with the cost of neutering and treatment so we can help more animals in need.

All animals have thorough health checks and are neutered before those who are fit enough are re-homing, and those who are not are foster out to experienced carers.

We get a lot of wild rabbits that have been injured that need nursing back to health. We often hand rear wild and domestic bunnies that have been orphaned. When the wild bunnies are fit and healthy we will release back into the wild.

Animals will only be put to sleep if their quality of life has deteriorated to the point that it is the only humane thing to do and the very very last thing after the vet has tried all other treatment.

Cost to run Bunny Burrows:

Our veterinary expenses are over £1,500 pounds every month!

Food and bedding is over £1,200 pounds every month!

Plus lots and lots of time from Gwen and all the volunteers that help with the care and fund raising events.

You can help us to help small animals by making a donation, checking out our Ebay shop or sponsoring a pet.  Please contact us by phone or email for more information.

To clarify any confusion or misunderstanding…

‘Bunny Burrows’, is a small independent animal rescue, that is run by Gwen Butler from her home in Whitefields Drive, Richmond, North Yorkshire and from no other location. Any other organisation of a similar sounding name, or any individual claiming to be acting on behalf of Bunny Burrows, carrying out a similar function is not to be confused with ‘Bunny Burrows’. All animals re-homed by Bunny Burrows are re-homed by Gwen Butler from her home in Richmond, North Yorkshire.